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5 top tips on how to replan your wedding

For many brides and grooms to be around the world, the coronavirus pandemic has thrown their plans into turmoil. They are being faced with cancellations, re-bookings, questions and confusion. Here are a few of my top tips that will help guide and support you through this period of uncertainty.

1. It’s ok not to be ok!

It’s perfectly natural that you’re going to have all kinds of emotions around the prospect of postponing your wedding. You might feel guilty that like your letting people down because they were looking forward to your big day. Or perhaps you actually don’t want to move your wedding and feel angry or worried your being selfish? Don’t worry! Embrace your emotions they are all perfectly normally. A wedding is an event that is the very symbol of love and it embodies everything to do with family and loved ones, so I am sure they will support you 100% whatever you decide. Also remember, you are not, NOT getting married. The date may be different or the location. It might even take some thinking outside the box or become a low key event with a huge party a few months down the line to celebrate with your loved one but it WILL still happen!

2. Tackle this head on and Postpone, Postpone, Postpone!

I am advising all my brides get married between now and at least early September to postpone to next year. Notice I haven’t used the word cancel? Unless absolutely necessary do not cancel anything as you stand to lose a lot of money this way! It’s important to tackle this head on with the right approach. I promise that as soon as you make sure decision to postpone and take action you will begin to feel like you empowered and have some control back.

3. Check your contract

Now is the time to re-read all of your contracts, including your wedding insurance. (If you haven’t got wedding insurance I recommend everyone has wedding insurance). Make sure you know exactly what your suppliers cancellation policies are see if there is anything in them that penalises you for a change of date or venue. Most contracts usually have a clause that covers ‘Force Majeure’ (act of god), so the government preventing weddings going ahead is probably covered by that but you should be able to talk to your suppliers about being flexible & making changing to your current arrangement.

4. Contact your suppliers

Make sure you work with your suppliers. Now is the time to work together and support each other! Start with the suppliers where you have spent the most money first, followed by those that are most important to you and see if you can find a new date that works for all. Keep in mind that next year is likely to be a very busy time for weddings due to the number that are being rescheduled so I would make sure you don’t waste any time by scheduling an online appointment or holding a date provisionally until you can speak to them to avoid missing out. That being said, remember, you may need to have a little patience waiting for suppliers to reply to your emails. Everyone is still adapting to new ways of working right now and most suppliers are probably prioritising those weddings that were due to happen soonest first.

5. Celebrate ‘the day’

When the day comes around that should of actually been THE big day celebrate anyway. Now is a time for us all to hold our loved ones dear and be thankful for what we do have. So raise a glass to yourself and your partner. Here’s to love, health & happiness!

I would love to help you through this, support you and take away and stress and anxiety that wedding planning and re-planning may be causing. To chat to me call

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