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How to create a great event on a low budget

Natalie Skinner, the owner of the beautifully converted and unique mobile teardrop caravan bar, Elsie Road, has revealed her top tips to creating an awesome event on a low budget:

Think about your venue

There are loads if quirky alternatives out there and people are always willing to consider a discount for free promotion. BUT remember to consider the location. To maximise attendance, people need to be able to access the venue with ease (unless it has reasonable accommodation).

Plan for the unexpected

Put your ‘Negative Nancy’ hat on for a moment – list everything that could possibly go wrong and think of a way to overcome it – for example, if you’re having an event in afield, make sure you look into a marquee or something to keep you warm in case its wet/cold.

Promote your event well

Plan well in advance and don’t stop promoting your event. Ask everyone that’s involvedto share your posts on social media, list your event for free on event websites and use Free tools on apps such as MailChimp and remember to get a real buzz going – it’s notan event without people!

Service, Service, Service!

Make sure your staff deliver a service that is second to none! Don’t have large queues.See you if know anyone who is willing to volunteer to help you deliver your vision.

Less is more

Remember, less is more when it comes to a menu – it’s better to deliver a few thingsexcellently than to deliver a lot of variety that’s ‘OK’.

Create a focal point

Always make sure your event has a ‘centre piece’, something fun that’s a real talkingpoint. This will aid networking and get people excited about attending your futureevents. If you’re on a budget consider something low budget, be inventive, acompetition for a prize which you could ask someone to donate in return for free exposure.

Use your contacts!

Think outside the box! People always have great ideas and might be able to offer something that adds a wow factor to your event.

Think outside the box. Organise a brainstorming session in the early stages of the event planning process. Having otherpeople’s objective insight will give you a fresh perspective on your plans. If you can reach out and ask for advice of someone who’s in the event planning industry, then evenbetter.

Stand out

The key here is to stand out without looking crazy. Not everything needs to be branded - there are a lot of alternative products out there. The impression of delivering celebrity standard can be achieved a lot easier these days! As far as supplies go, think minimal and be creative.

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