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Top tips and tricks to create the perfect cocktail

As the UK submerges itself into Summer, Natalie Skinner, the owner of the beautifully converted and unique mobile teardrop caravan bar, Elsie Road, reveals her top tips for event planners looking to create the prefect cocktail.

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Top tips:

Gets the best ingredients

Fresh is always best when making the best cocktails; try and stay away from artificial flavours and substitutes where possible. Take advantage of your local suppliers and markets.

Know how to combine your spirits

I’m not talking strong or weak on the ABV (alcohol by volume), I’m talking aboutflavour. Knowing what flavours complement each other and, in comparison, what flavours contrast and balance well makes all the difference. Thinking on your feet and being able to tweak recipes on the spot really lets customers feel like they’re getting a personal service.

When in doubt, try a twist on a classic

All classic cocktails share the same components. This makes it easy to swap the spirit tosuit someone’s tastes and in an instant, you have a twist on a classic.

There are many sugar alternatives out there

Sugar is a key component of all cocktails. There are so many more alternatives out there, meaning that you can replace/combine sugar syrups to layer a cocktail with, such as Maple Syrup and Agave Nectar.

Don’t leave a sour taste

When creating sours, always use lemon for the brown spirits and lime for the white spirits. “It’s not a written rule, but if you play safe, you play well.”

Don’t use too much juice

Juice should be used as a flavouring agent. Be careful not to drown out the other

flavours. It should enhance a cocktail and never take over.

Use the correct equipment

Make sure your staff are trained to use the correct equipment, with the correct technique. Having the ability to free pour correctly or make multiple cocktails at the same time can literally save minutes. Every little helps when you’re trying to provide quick yet quality service at a busy event.

Ice Ice baby

Never forget the importance of ice! Always serve your cocktails in a chilled glass. Ice and water greatly have the ability to change the flavour of a drink. The cold helps remove the harshness of the alcohol as it hits the palette.

Garnish Presentation is key

Appeal to all the senses. It’s important, not just for presentation, but for aroma too. Your first assessment of your drink is, of course, with your eyes. But the next is with the

Classification: Unrestricted nose. As you tilt the glass to take a drink, you naturally always take in the aroma as you breathe in. It all adds to the experience.

Balance, balance, balance

Always balance your cocktails. Too much sweet or too much sour really can make or break your cocktail. Same goes for bitters.

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