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Whatever the Weather: How to Embrace your Wedding-Day Weather - Come Rain or Shine

One of the first questions that has to be tackled when you start planning for your wedding is WHEN. A summer party, a winter wonderland, or, perhaps an autumnal banquet? The time of year that you agree on will ultimately influence a lot of the other choices you make – such as the venue, your budget, the dress and colour schemes. However, throughout the wedding planning process, there is bound to be one big question looming in your mind when deciding on the date…what will the weather be like?

In the UK, it is now an accepted fact that the seasons are changing, and you simply cannot guarantee hot, dry summers or chilly, snowy winters. So, whichever season you choose to plan your big day in, you need to plan for all eventualities.

By talking to your chosen wedding suppliers, you can often get some good advice and ideas, but using a wedding planning service, such as Elsie Road, will help ensure that every eventually is covered and there is a solution to every possible issue. An experienced wedding planner will be able to share their experiences and give real-life examples of things you can incorporate into the big day to cover all bases. For example, if you choose a summer wedding and you wake up in the morning to rain drops on the window, you’ll need to make sure there are plenty of undercover areas for you and your guests, cover for you and your bridal party getting in and out of cars and venues and space inside to celebrate if the outside becomes a complete write-off.

On the other hand, if you plan a spring wedding, anticipating April showers and boggy lawns, but the sun comes out and no one wants to stay inside, you need to be confident that your wedding planner will embrace the change, have planned alternatives and can pull off the big day of your dreams.

Whatever time of year you’re planning to get married, Elsie Road can bring your vision to life and guarantee memories of your wedding day are going strong long after the big day is over.

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